Features Of the Single-girder Bridge Crane

Bridge cranes offer excellent features for any industrial facility. There are many configurations available, so it can be difficult deciding which type of bridge crane to purchase and install. This article will cover the main features of single-girder cranes versus double-girder cranes.

The main difference between a single and a double girder is that the first is made using one beam and the second is made with two. These beams go overhead and are usually made with rolled steel.

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The single beam crane holds about as much weight as the double beam. However, it uses the available space beneath the ceiling rafters. It has a wider lifting range than the double beam does. Side rollers ensure that the load is moved from one end of the carriage to the other smoothly. Because the single units do not require light rails their installation is faster and less expensive than double-girders are.

There are a variety of speeds to choose from. The basic motor choices available are dual speed or single speed(2 ton velocidad). Dual speeds help you control your operations as you need. A factory that is located near homes might do well with this so that operations can continue into the night without disturbing residences. The slower motor will reduce noises and vibrations.

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A single speed crane is ideal for general production use. It is likely to be a more affordable option for you as well. If your factory or production line only makes one or two main products, you might opt for an even less expensive manual geared(10 ton engranado) motor crane. This travels at shorter distances on the rails and is ideal for low-production output.

If you have higher-inertia loads, you might prefer a double-girder multi-speed model. It costs more to install and to operate. It offers you more options during production. Compare available products from a few manufacturers. They differ on features and specifications of their products.

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In a sense, both the single-girder and the double-girder are equal in the loads that they can transport. They both are durable. The main difference in features which may appeal to you is that the single unit comes with an underhung hoist and trolley. They run on the part called the bottom flange which means freight expenses are reduced. They also only require that there is one girder for full operation.

It is a simple, uncomplicated design which makes for a faster installation process. This also translates to it being less costly to set up.

If your crane needs to handle transporting more than 15 tons of weight or it must span more than 65 feet across, the double-girder is the best option. You may save your facility time and trouble by selecting a double-beamed girder and purchasing it before choosing the single-beam girder instead.

Both types facilitate factory production and are used in many industries including the auto industry and the plastic mold industry. If the single-bridge crane features will work for your facility, it is the crane to choose.

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